Product Overview and Features

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PE Sheet Waterproof Lining with Joint Fixing Member

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Product Overview and Features

PE Lining

① Development of a new waterproof installation using fixing members
  • Perfect resolution to PE sheet drop-off for fixture installation
  • Wet installation available
  • PE sheet peeling issue resolved
② Improved structural stability, durability and economic feasibility
  • Improved PE sheet attachment strength by increasing the fixing force of PE sheet
③ Improved constructability
  • Significantly improved installability and economic efficiency compared to adhesive Installation

Image comparison with conventional methods

Comparison of installation method

  • Conventional Method : Fixture

  • Conventional Method : Adhesion

  • Technology of Bokju(waterproof installation using fixing members)

  • Anchor Cap

  • Photo of completed installation

  • It is a waterproof lining with improved durability, workability, and economic efficiency and perfect waterproof by using double panel members to fix the PE sheet joint.
  • By using a double-panel fixing member to secure stability between the PE sheet and the concrete structure, the workability and durability are superior to the non-adhesive lining using fixtures, and the initial cost is reduced compared to the adhesive PE sheet waterproof lining.

Conventional adhesive and non-adhesive installation

  • Adhesive : Epoxy Installation

    Cracked concrete structure → Leachate inflow

    Reduced adhesion due to dew condensation and moisture

  • Non-adhesive : High-frequency fusion

    PE sheet of the fixture falls off during use after installation

    Limited fixing area

    Separation and Delamination

Separation and Delamination

  • Enhanced durability
  • Excellent installability and economy
  • High airtightness secured


  • ① The joint fixing member composed of the reinforcing plate and the sealing plate is lined on the wall of the water tank through a fusion to provide excellent sealing power and improved durability regardless of fatigue accumulated due to repeated contraction and expansion depending on water level changes.
    [Patent No. 10-2178357]

  • ② It is a a water tank lining with joint fixing members to further improve the watertightness of the inside of the water tank by fusing a polyethylene finishing sheet between sealing plates fused to the water tank and by sealing between the sealing plates with a finishing material.
    [Patent No. 10-2178357]

Features and Advantages

  • ① Enhanced leak prevention through reinforced watertightness

  • ② Enhanced durability (perfect resolution of peeling/falling of PE sheet)

  • ③ Improved durability compared to the fixture installation

  • ④ Reduced initial cost and improved installation process compared to adhesive installation

  • ⑤ Reduced life cycle cost through improved durability

    - Reinstallation cost (One time or more)

    - Maintenance and management fee

  • ⑥ Secured hygiene by using joint fixing members that are harmless to the human body

    - Secured reliability by using NSF61 and WRAS-certified materials

Registered in Benefit-sharing Network Information System (BENIS) by Korea Commission for Corporate Partnership (KCCP) Performance Sharing Task Products

  • BENIS Certificate

  • [Patent No. 10-2178357]

    Water Tank Lining with Joint Fixing Members


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