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SPEP Panel Lining

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Weaknesses of Former Products and Technologies

Weakness of Epoxy Waterproof / Anti-corrosion

  • 1. Contains Bisphenol A ingredient, an endocrine disruptor
  • 2. Poor durability due to low bonding strength (3-5 years; easily detached by high-pressure cleaning during maintenance.
  • 3. Requires dry construction method (cannot be done using wet method)
  • 4. Unable to identify defective parts

Weakness of PE Sheet Lining

  • 1. Can be uneven after construction due to high ductility of PE, and frequently breaks away from the structure due to contraction and expansion (coefficient of thermal expansion: 200) caused by water temperature and current in the reservoir (defects from material and external environmental factors)
  • 2. Extremely difficult to identify the leak point (defects caused by contractual quality) due to defective welding, while there are many welding processes.
  • 3. As it is a single panel, a water leak occurs immediately when the panel is damaged. (Defects caused by maintenance quality)
  • 4. Negative influences on the structure in case of leaks due to no countermeasures for anti-corrosion of the structure (defects caused by maintenance quality).

Comparison before and after construction



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