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Since its establishment in 2009, Bokju has been expending every effort for the development of an environment-friendly and advanced water storage system for the purpose of supplying clean and healthy water, and we are very glad to have managed to fulfill the expectations of purchasers by successively developing our [SPEP Panel lining], [SPEP consecutively Panel combined reservoir], [Cylindrical water tank with reinforced interior and exterior], and [SPEP Chemical Tank] as a result of continuous technology development to produce environmentally friendly modern water tanks.
In addition, the products mentioned above that we have researched and developed have been registered as outstanding procurement products in recognition of their excellence in quality, and we have managed to lay the foundation for export by securing selection as a support company to enter the overseas procurement market.
The cylindrical water tank with reinforced interior and exterior has secured structural stability, which has been pointed out as the biggest issue of the existing product, to delay or prevent sudden damages or bursts caused by external impacts such as earthquakes, as well as to relieve the product’s fatigue level, and it is being recognized as a groundbreaking product that can reduce damages in terms of both life and property after the Gyeongju earthquake in 2016.
The SPEP panel, originally developed for the internal wall lining of concrete structure reservoirs, can be applied to any storage facilities that contain liquid due to its corrosion resistance, chemically resistance, and durability, and for its economic feasibility it is being spotlighted as an all-weather product. It has undergone performance verifications from demand agencies, with high delivery performance in Korea already. Awarded the Grand prize in Korea’s Small to Medium Business Technology Innovation in 2012 in recognition of our technology, we have since signed multi-million-dollar MOUs with overseas buyers, and have become the first in Korea to export SPEP panels, for raw materials of the water tank, to Vietnam in 2017. Based on this, we have opened local offices in Thailand and Vietnam to establish a bridge to enter the Southeast Asian market.
Going forward, we, everyone in Bokju, pledge to make ceaseless efforts and do our very best in product development to fulfill our responsibilities as a leading enterprise in the water industry.
Thank you.
CEO of Bokju Co., Ltd.


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